January 25, 2017

A fesztiválról…EN

Aboth the Festival...

  If you dance, if you teach dancing, or if you admire dancing, this is the best place for you.

Here are the greatest amateur and professional dancers in Veszprém the 6 time. If you haven’t heard about us (Are you sure? 🙂 ), or if you have known Connector Dance Festival, you have to connect to us again. We will pump up the volume to sound THE WORD OF DANCE! 

International competitors (last 5 years)







Chech Republic


...and in 2015, There were competitors from India, too!

The motivation is „not only” 2 days or „not only” dance for us

Highlighted aims of our festival are establishing a connection between culture and younger generation, creating a useful form of free time activities and offering real social connections

Our success is showed by the growing number of competitors

Physical activity, love of dance and educating for a healthy lifestyle are important for us. Dance is an underestimated part of the culture, that’s why we put the emphasis on propagating the love of dance. Without a stock phrase, dance can form and educate not only the soul, but also the body.
If you join, you can see, how an amateur and professional, a child and adulttrendand tradition can be on one stage.

On top of everything, everybody finds the appropriate category or assessment system.


Connect to us!
Show yourself, take part in a competition and have fun in a festival!
These 2 days is about you and dance!!!

Statistics from the last 5 years

I. Connector Dance Festival

1 day
more than 1200 competitors
60 groups
240 choregraphies
1800 viewers

II. Connector Dance Festival

2 day
more than 1500 competitors
60 groups
350 choregraphies
2500 viewers

III. Connector Dance Festival

2 day
more than 1800 competitors
75 groups
350 choregraphies
2800 viewers

IV. Connector Dance Festival

2 day
more than 2000 competitors
80 groups
400 choregraphies
3000 viewers

V. Connector Dance Festival

2 day
more than 2000 competitors
85 groups
400 choregraphies
3000 viewers