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5-8th July
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4 Age groups
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Amatuer · Hobby · Professional
3 Skill Levels
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Modern/Contemporary · Classical Ballet · Show Dance · Classical Ballet · Standard/Latin Dance · Musical · Folk Dance · Belly Dance · Disco · Acrobatic Rocky · Hip-Hop · Break · Fitness · Open
14 Dance Styles
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More than 2000 Dancers
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2 x 6 000 W Output
Professional Soundsystem
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300 Trophies and medals

Two Days Festival

Our Events


This is the 6th year, when we meet in March to celebrate the joy of dance. Come and show your dance skills in our international competition! In one thing we are completely sure of: you will find the perfect match of category and style for your dance performances in Connector Dance Festival. ;)

Summer Camp

If it’s summer then you should be at no other place in Hungary, but at lake Balaton. And yes, it is sure you will find us there for at least one long weekend. In every July we sweat together in the dance studio and on the beach as well. Master classes, long talkings, short nights and dance-dance-dance.


We roll to Budapest to organise an intensive workshop weekend in autumn. There are more than 4 hours long daily trainings to have fun in these dismal days.

About the Festival.

4 Age groups, 3 Skill levels, 14 Dance styles
If you dance, if you teach dancing, or if you admire dancing, this is the best place for you.

Here are the greatest amateur and professional dancers in Veszprém the seven time. If you haven’t heard about us (Are you sure? ???? ), or if you have known Connector Dance Festival, you have to connect to us again. We will pump up the volume to sound THE WORD OF DANCE!

The motivation is „not only” 2 days or „not only” dance for us.
Highlighted aims of our festival are establishing a connection between culture and younger generation, creating a useful form of free time activities and offering real social connections…

Physical activity, love of dance and educating for a healthy lifestyle are important for us. Dance is an underestimated part of the culture, that’s why we put the emphasis on propagating the love of dance. Without a stock phrase, dance can form and educate not only the soul, but also the body. If you join, you can see, how an amateur and professional, a child and adult, trendand tradition can be on one stage. On top of everything, everybody finds the appropriate category or assessment system.

The statistics of the previous festival
  • 6

    Participating country
  • 2274

  • 377

  • 3500


The Organizers

We have participated in international and local competitions more than fifteen years. We use our experiences (positives and negatives also) to make Connector better and better. We try to improve the festival every year to set the highest quality standards upon your arrival.
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Zsófi Barbarics

As a professional dancer and dance teacher, it is very important for me to be an active participant and organiser of dance events, which are innovative and progressive. I believe, that we can create and modify our future through our actions.
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Nóra Böhm

As a dance teacher and recreation specialist, I had a dream about establishing and organising such a huge dance event, where people can come together and have fun. For me, organizing Connector is a challenge to create the best festival possible.



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If you want to contact by phone, call the number + 36 30 601 8013


Get your company be introduced to more than 4000 people from all ages during two days of the festival
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